Oil Pulling Testimonials: Real User Experiences And Reviews About Oil Pulling

Hear what Janice had to say about her daughter's experience with oil pulling"My first daughter, Wendy has been oil pulling for about 3 months now. I had not seen her in a while so I stopped by her home just to chat". 
"As I sat across the room from her I thought to ask my self, "What is so different about Wendy?" Taking a closer look, I discovered that her skin and her hair looked so HEALTHY and youthful and she seemed to have an unusually positive outlook on life. (She has had some very stressful issues to deal with) I couldn't remain silent"! 
I said "WENDY, WHAT are you doing that is so different from before?" She smiled and asked me why I wanted to know? I told her I could see a difference in her skin and her hair which was quite dramatic. Not only that, her teeth were nice and white (she smokes and drinks tea and coffee) ...... and, well, she seemed to be peaceful, almost joyful. 

She got her laptop computer and took me to Doctor K's web page and WOW! I couldn't wait to find some oil to start pulling for myself!. I've just started on my second week. I have noticed that I am sleeping so much sounder and my energy level has greatly increased! I can also attest to an elevated mood change which I love! I am 68 years old and have been in good health most of my life. I have hearing loss and ringing in my ears. Also I experience vertigo. I hope to report an improvement .. .. I feel something wonderful from deep within me. I intend to continue as long as I see such positive results".